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Energy storage, key-factor in optimal selfconsumption

Danish Green TechEnergy storage, the key-factor for optimal selfconsumption


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DGT is on the forefront of the technological development, DGT constantly research the markets, finding the best possible components for offering our clients and our partners the best possible solution. DGT offer energy storage solutions from 2.5 KWh to 500Kwh in modular systems to be expandet to fit the demand perfectly, using both flowcell technology and LI-Ion technology.

Energy storage systems provide a wide array of technological approaches to managing our power supply in order to create a more resilient energy infrastructure and bring cost savings to utilities and consumers. To help understand the diverse approaches currently being deployed around the world, DGT have divided them into two main categories:
  • Solid State Batteries - a range of electrochemical storage solutions, including advanced chemistry batteries and capacitors
  • Flow Batteries - batteries where the energy is stored directly in the electrolyte solution for longer cycle life, and quick response times


Power on Demand.

Producing renewable electricity is most commonly associated with wind and solar power, and although these power sources are clean, they can also be unreliable: too little supply when it becomes dark, on a cloudy or a windless day, or too much – when the sun shines strong for hours on end or mighty winds blow from around the globe without sign of stopping. As these power sources become more important to our energy economy, so does investment in modern technology to store the energy produced when there’s an abundance of storable strength on hand.


Mercedes Benz 20



Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH. Daimler establishes new subsidiary for stationary energy storage.

Within the innovative business unit of the lithium-ion battery applications Mercedes-Benz Energy takes over the development and worldwide distribution of stationary energy storage of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Thus Daimler reacts to the ever increasing market growth in the field of stationary batteries. The production of the systems remain the core competence of also wholly owned Daimler subsidiary marriage Mens German Accumotive GmbH & Co. KG.

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The Sonnen Batterie White


The sonnenBatterie eco – the start of your independence.

The sonnenBatterie is not just a battery, it's an intelligent storage system that automatically adjusts the energy usage in your household. In combination with solar panels the sonnenBatterie will enable you to supply yourself with clean energy – thus making you independent and protecting you from energy price hikes.

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Tesla PowerWall


Tesla Powerwall Energy Storage for a Sustainable Home

Powerwall is a home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or when utility rates are low, and powers your home in the evening. Automated, compact and simple to install, Powerwall enables you to maximize self-consumption of solar power generation.

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AXIstorage Li 7S

The AXIstorage stands out with its patented safety features and the great cycle stability of 6.600 cycles. The integrated battery management system assures the optimum operating condition and a long lifetime of up to 20 years. One AXIstorage unit is sufficient to provide a yearly self-consumption rate of up to 60 % for a single-family home in Germany.

The German made AXIstorage is compatible with SMA’s high-quality Sunny Island inverter and can be installed globally.

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