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SolarLog the little wonder

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Solar-Log™ product overview

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  • You have a PV plant and would like to use it more efficiently?
  • Save energy and money with our promotion package
  • Intelligent Heating with PV Power
  • A number of accessories are available for the Solar-Log 300, 1200 and 2000 to offer extra protection, new functions and / or improved performance. From overvoltage protection to connecting diverse inverters or sensors, we can meet all your needs.


Feed-in Management

There will be new requirements for grid stability in all countries that have a certain amount of power produced from decentralized sources to stabilize the power grid on days with limited sunshine and on days with an abundance of sunshine. The Solar-Log™ models cover a wide range of requirements for powermanagement and provide a solution for every plant size.


Smart Energy

Solar-Log™ distinguishes itself from competing systems with its intelligent control for energy and feed-in management and its monitoring of PV plants, as well as with its visualization and reporting options for plant data.


Solar-Log™ Hardware

The Solar-Log™ is setting new international standards when it comes to monitoring and managing photovoltaic plants. Perfect and precise monitoring provides the basis for flawless operation, and intelligent controlling systems maximize the consumption of self-produced power in no time.


Solar-Log™ Monitoring

Keeping everything in sight and under control: The Solar-Log™ WEB features concise presentation options that can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the internet. With this internet service, the plant yields, error messages and configuration data from the Solar-Log™ are transferred to our servers.

 Keeping everything in sight and under control with the Solar-Log™ WEB.



Solar-Log™ Accessories


Solar-Log™ WEB "Commercial Edition" for Installers and Service Providers

The “Full Service” option from installers and service providers: installation, monitoring, maintenance.

This allows installers and service providers to offer comprehensive professional monitoring to their customers.


 The ideal combination of monitoring device and evaluation platform.

  • For every plant size, one or 100 plants, private or industrial.


  • For every plant size, one or 100 plants, private or industrial.
  • The ideal combination of monitoring device and evaluation platform.
  • Multi-vendor capable and professional monitoring of photovoltaic plants.
  • You want guarantees for yield certainty and would like to use the electricity that you produced for heating?
  • You want to be more independent from the rising electricity costs?
  • You would like to use your own environmentally friendly energy?

- Solar-Log™ makes it possible!

Let us provide you with free information and consultation on what is possible with the Solar-Log™ energy savings package - without any obligation....

  ways you can benefit...

  • Efficient: Solar-Log manages PV power, provides the EGO Smart Heater with surplus PV
    power - saves energy costs.
  • Simple: Quick and simple installation – low investment costs.
  • Intelligent: Integrated power - no external electric contactor required.
  • Secure: When water temperature drops below 4°C, the EGO Smart Hea-
    ter starts to heat the water at 500 watts - Frost protection function

Proved: DIN EN 60335-1, DIN EN 60730-1/9 and VDE- and CE-proved and certified – for a safety feeling.


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