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Future illumination


Future illumination, product overview

All-In-One LED, SOLAR, SENSOR, StreetLight, Stand-Alone, Theft-proof. Latest Li-Ion Battery-technology. Retrofit or with designated pole.

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DGT strive to stay at the forefront of the technology frontier and are proud to be able to offer a wide range of Cutting Edge Technologies for holistic Green Energy project integration
For many years we have been using great resources on searching the market, to find the best technologies, to cover the needs of our clients, in a sustainable, technical, financial and social responsible way.
For example this Streetlight, combine the latest technology within, Solar, LED, Battery and Control.


1. The creative reflector design can efficiently raise the lumen over 30%;

2. Easy installation,suitable a range of pole from 60mm to 90mm diameter;

3. Uses new-generation, high quality LiFePO4 batteries, and unique TWIN  battery group arrangement to realize the goal of 8-10 years’ maintenance free;

4. The unique design of  thief proof , common tools can not remove it, 0 stealing after installation.




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