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Renewable energy polices in Jamaica.

Renewable energies potential in Jamaica ECLAC

Jamaica has abundant renewable energy sources (RES), which have hardly been tapped in the past and could provide for large shares of the future energy requirements.

In 2005, around 5% of the expected 4,020 GWh of electricity produced will be based on RES (wind and hydropower). With the new planned target of a share of 15% RES electricity by 2012, a combined renewable capacity of about 175 MW would need to be installed in that year. There is further wind potential on Jamaica, even if no exact figures can be given on the magnitude of the exploitable wind potential.

DGT: "The solar solution would be much more efficient, less complicated and faster to implement, without any environmental impacts, PV (Photovoltaic) systems can be installed literally everywhere, as it emits NO particles, NO sound, NO vibrations, NO reflections and in case of a natural disaster, NO toxic waste, radiation etc. will occur. You can literally place a solar powerplant in the middle of a residential area without any interference or annoyance of the residents or the environemnt,,. 


Danish Greentech, have carefully designed a perfect solar solution both for residential and industrial demands.

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We also deliver state of the art Danish produced household wind turbines as well as vertical wind turbines from 6-25 KW

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