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High-power German produced quality PV-moduleAXITEC AXIPower 250Wp
Specs AXIPower 260Wp

Axitec AXIpower260P


Retail Price:€ 178.75
Sales price € 148.36
Total: € 3709.06
Total without tax: € 3709.06
Discount € 30.39
Total discount: € 759.69
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Price / Watt: € 0.57
High Quality German produced 260Wp 60-cell polycrystalline solar module.
These solar modules are characterized by their above-average power efficiency of 15.98%.

The High Quality German produced polycrystalline modules of the AXIpower series are the all-rounders among the AXITEC modules.
Whether for small systems or power plants – the high-quality solar modules with an efficiency of up to 15.98% provide an outstanding energy yield at reasonable cost.

The best guarantee in the field (Linear yield guarantee of 25 years)

Units in box: 25