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German produced high quality all-black PV moduleAXIWorldPremium

AXIworldpremium BLK AC-300M156-60S (FS50)


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AXIworldpremium BLK AC-300M156-60S (FS50)
High Quality German produced 60-cell black monocrystalline solar module.

Aesthetics meets energy. The High Quality German produced solar modules, are perfectly suited for installations where the black exterior design must match the high power output. The monocrystalline modules of the AXIpremium series, are the specialists among the AXITEC modules. These high-performance solar modules with efficiencies of up to 18,28% and excellent low light performance guarantee and high power output.

The best guarantee in the field (Linear +85% yield guarantee of 25 years)


Units in box: 30