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Advanced hydrogen plant to be built in denmark

Advanced hydrogen plant to be built in denmark

One of Europe's most advanced hydrogen plants will be built in Denmark. Now hydrogen will move wind power to the transport sector.

By Anne Vestergaard Andersen, 2016.02.25 Air Liquide, Hydrogenics, LBST, Neas Energy, Hydrogen Valley / Cemtec and European Joint Technology Initiative have signed an agreement to establish one of Europe's largest plants for the production of hydrogen, based on wind power.

The project is budgeted at EUR 15 million and has received EUR 2.6 million in support from the Danish ForskEL program administered by the Danish TSO, as well as EUR 8 million from the EU's Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking 2.

Development of key technologies
The HyBalance project will validate the highly dynamic PEM electrolysis technology and innovative hydrogen delivery processes involved but also demonstrate these in a real industrial environment by applying the latest hydrogen production and delivery equipment. The HyBalance setting is unique in demonstrating the multiple applications of Power-to-Gas technologies, including how hydrogen can be used in multiple high value markets such as industry and clean transportation, and the project will provide business models for these applications.

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Hydrogenics’ PEM electrolysis technology will be deployed at the project site in Hobro, Denmark to produce hydrogen from excess wind-generated energy; the 1MW PEM electrolyzer will also enable grid balancing services. The hydrogen will then be stored and transported either by pipeline for industrial applications or by advanced, high pressure trailers and used in fueling applications in Denmark.

Denmark selected – why?
In 2012 a broad majority in the Danish parliament entered into one of Europe's most ambitious energy agreements, which aims to cover at least 50% of its electricity by wind power by 2020, eliminate the use of fossil fuels for heat and electricity in 2035, as well make Denmark independent on fossil fuels in 2050 through the use of various renewable energy sources.

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Denmark has a well-established natural gas grid, and here hydrogen and biogas can play a complementary role in terms of providing stored, renewable energy in large quantities to the Danish energy system. In Northern Jutland - close to Hobro – are salt cavities, which in the long term can be used to store hydrogen and biogas on a large scale.

These circumstances make Denmark and especially Hobro an ideal place to demonstrate the Power-to-Hydrogen concept.

The plant is expected to deliver hydrogen at the end of 2017.

Source: Energy Supply

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