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Danish manure cooling facility


A Danish manure cooling facility from Ikast, Central Jutland, makes a Chinese pig farm self-sufficient with heating and cooling – and independent of external heating supply.

By Charlotte Gjedde / Photo Credit: Klimadan, 2016.03.22
Klimadan is supplying a complete manure cooling facility for two pig farms in China. The facility will during the summer cool the boar- and farrowing section, while heating the pig farms during the winter period.

"To create heat, we need an instrument, which we can use for cooling. Air, soil, in this case, manure. It all works through an instillation of 48 km water pipes located beneath the manure container. The water pipes are heated by the manure and then through the heating pumps, we can deliver heating for the barns", says Martin Sønderby, Export Manager at Klimadan.

The project includes more than 48 km cooling hoses, 9 full-flexible frequency controlled heating pumps from Thermia and a distribution net for heating of the belonging residential area on the farm. There will be a 2 km mainline from the heating pumps to the hoses.

"When the energy facility is fully installed and in operation, the pig farms will be independent of external supply of heat – completely self-sufficient with heating and cooling", Martin Sønderby explains. He wouldn’t tell the exact size of the order, other than it is an order of several million DKK.

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The energy facility is partly delivered from Denmark and Malaysia, and is managed by specialists from both Klimadan and GreenMaq, which is Klimadan’s joint venture in Kuala Lumpur.

The facility is delivered and installed over the summer 2016.

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Source: Energy Supply


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