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Case story 18 KWp PV-system Viborg, Denmark

Case Story 

18 KWp Photovoltaic system


In July the DGT Local partner in Danmark, won a tender, for designing, Construction and commission of two PV-systems for Viborg Parken, Viborg Denmark.

 18 KWp system data   
System effect       
DC 18000 / AC 20000 Active limitation to max export 6000W             
17929 Kwh P.a.
AXITEC  Axipower260P
SMA STP 20000 TL-30
K2 Systems S-Rock
Flat-roof ballast
E/F Viborg Parken
Pebermyntevej 1-9, Viborg
DGT Dk / JH-Montage
Crane, Cabeling/Tubing, Mount, Install, testing.
35 Hrs
18 Kwp Project summery 
18KWFlashTest 18KWpBefore1 18KwCrane1
System configuration, flash-test analyzed and module-matching are made prior to installation for optimal performance of the PV-system, all project programming made by the Project manager. Installation-site prior to project-start, an extra layer of bitumen are added to the roof-surface for optimal conditions and durability of the roof area. Modules, tools, equipment, ballast etc. are craned on the roof with mobile-crane, all personel are equipped with safety-gear for optimal safety.
 18KWUnder0  18KWUnder  18KWUnder4
Project site early morning, with frost on the roof, due to long processing-time  by the Danish authorities, the approval-time, was nearly 4 months, making it a winther-installation-job. K2 Systems S-ROCK Flat-roof Ballast mounting-system layout on roof-surface on protective foam-pads. System set up, connected, ready for ballast & wind-breakers for optimal windload-resistance.
 18KWCabeling1  18KWballast1  18KWAfterFront
Cable-ways are made in stainless steele-tubes, from mobile platform, on front of building. Dimensioned for optional expansion of the system if the client should desire it later on. Ballast according to Ballast-plan, dimensioned to withstand windspeeds +30M/s in 15 Meters hight. Approximately 5 metric tonnes of ballast to secure the system from windloads Installation Completed, ready for control-inspection, measuring and commissioning.


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